Who Are We?

At Neptune Networks, we deliver high-quality bond market data from sell-side banks to buy-side clients. Our technology enables real-time connectivity between banks and investors which leads to meaningful conversations, satisfying the immediate requirements of each party and ultimately, increasing trade volumes.

We are uniquely positioned in the marketplace, as we have bilateral commitment from buy-side and sell-side, including representatives of each sitting on our board.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the destination for all bond market stakeholders, enhancing reliable, relevant, insight-enabled relationships between Buy-Side Investors and Sell-Side Banks.

Our Customer

We communicate regularly with the Sell-side banks and Buy-side clients.

Our Values

  • Collaborative
  • Insightful
  • Accessible
  • Trusted

Why Neptune?


Real-time, structured and standardised connectivity means reduction of “noise” and inaccurate data.

Ease of Connectivity

The use of FIX allows for ease of connectivity via OMS/EMS, or via our own GUI.


Ability to participate in Neptune’s governance and future evolution via the Buy-Side Advisory Group and buy-side Board representation.

Enhance Relationships

We exist only to enhance buy-side and sell-side relationships by making enquiries and trading more targeted, reducing information leakage and allowing for more precise best execution.

Highest Quality

Highest quality, pre-trade bond data available via one-connection, from the leading sell-side market makers in fixed income.

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